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What is a soulmate?

For most of my adult life, a soulmate was something I pined for, but something that felt so far off that it would never come true. Between the countless dates, the ghosting, love-bombing, lies, catfishing, and gaslighting, the world of dating had become nothing but a cruel joke at this point. I’d given up all hope. Then my best friend, Destiny, gifted me a reading from her favorite psychic, Mindy. I thought she was batshit crazy. She raved about how Mindy connected her to her now fiancé, Stephen, and although they had the ideal loving relationship, it did not seem like it would be in the cards for me. Singledom was my comfort zone, and it was the only place that made sense for the past five years.

After an eye-opening experience with Mindy, I decided to take her advice and write out my ultimate soulmate list. What else did I have to lose? All I needed to do was write down a detailed list of everything I wanted in a partner and pop it underneath my pillow with some healing stones.


Months later, after my life had been uprooted, I’d forgotten about everything until I ran into him inside of our apartment complex. Something felt so mysterious about him, and usually my intuition wasn’t wrong, but maybe manifesting someone like him would be oh so Wright.

Manifesting Mr. Wright


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